No Higher Ground. Read it Now!

a bunch of asteroidsAvailable in print and Kindle editions on Amazon


Sam Czerny’s career as a xenobiologist was relegated to studying strange life forms deep in the oceans. Then a Chinese mining facility discovers an unusual artifact on the far side of the moon. A device which could change the way humanity sees itself and its place in the galaxy. Sam finds himself on the project of his dreams only to get caught up in a sudden war between the US and China. A war that prevents the two governments from noticing an even more dangerous arrival.

First reviews:

“This is an excellent read, hard sci-fi thriller (but not so hard that you need an A level in Physics to understand it) with a pace and cadence that leaves you reading ‘just one more page, ok, one more’ . Excellent twist at the end and I hope the author continues with more in the series as there is so much more I want to know about the back story!”

“This is as much a political thriller as a science-fiction novel. The science is a solid admixture of astrophysics, evolutionary biology, and computer science. There is also a great deal of geopolitics (and exopolitics) and military science. All this knowledge is woven within a taut plot line that features vaping villains that look like updated Ian Fleming power-mad tycoons and unlikely self-sacrificing heroes. The plotting is fast-paced and the writing is brisk. The dialogue is very direct and natural. There are also some gnomic statements that indicate that the author has thought about the variegated issues his story raises. A very pleasant read, hard to put down.”

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